Sunday, February 13, 2005

Steve and Tanya

I don’t have their wedding picture because we didn’t have a digital camera yet… but Steve and Tanya’s wedding was the first one that Shannon and I went to after we got married. I love to tell the story of how they got together and how Steve owes all his happiness to one reporter’s stupid question.

Steve is a photographer at WGN, but he got his start at WMBD. While here in 1996, he and a reporter who shall remain nameless (a reporter he couldn't stand working with), were doing a story on the opening of an opera in Peoria. So they’re set up to interview the lead, Beth, and the first question the reporter asks out of the gate is: “Do you sing in this?”

I wasn’t there, but I have this mental image of Steve rolling his eyes and shaking his head. He does this often (just never when he was working with me). Although Steve showed us the tape when he got back, I don’t remember exactly what this girl said, but she very nicely and graciously confirmed that… yes… she… the lead in an opera… did in fact “sing in this.”

A few weeks later Steve, Chris Curtis and I are out at Sullys (wow, imagine that). At some point Steve sees Beth and tells me, “That’s the opera chick!” So he goes up to her, strikes up a conversation and she and her two friends and the three of us stay out till 4AM. And we continued to hang out on a regular basis after that.

Long story short… eventually Beth and I started dating and one night she convinced a friend to meet us all out. That friend was Tanya. If I recall, she was studying for finals, she was kind of sick, but she came out anyway... and she and Steve hit it off. The rest as they say… is history.

This is the part I love to give Steve a hard time about. He’s a good friend, so I feel I can say this, but there is no way, I mean no way, he would have ever randomly gone up to Beth that first night. But he had this story… this… “I’m the guy who was working with the reporter who asked you the stupid question” story. And because of this, he had an in. And because of this I like to say that Steve... owes all his happiness to a reporter’s stupid question.

I was a bit disappointed this reporter wasn’t in the wedding party.

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