Sunday, February 20, 2005

Speaking Of Reading

Segue. (reading... and agents from the other day... although I hate when people on TV say "speaking of...")

I've started re-reading Ken Lindner's book "Broadcasting Realities." If you work in the business or are thinking about it, it is an excellent read.

When I was looking for an agent, Karen Wang was nice enough to meet with me at their very impressive Century City office. But they focus mostly on big markets and while St. Louis and Indy were places I'd have been thrilled with, Madison and Champaign seemed like better targets for our situation personally and professionally at the time. As it turns out, when Shannon got the job at 25, unemployment called until I started anchoring weekends with Gina.

Lindner has been called a "super agent" as his list of clients tends to be headlined by high profile broadcasters. Anyway, the book gives you a lot of insight into building a career and the behind the scenes relationship between talent and management.

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