Saturday, February 12, 2005

"Number 448, green mic."

Took a short trip down memory lane tonight. Before WMBD, even before WISN, I got paid to work behind a mic. "Number 448, green mic."

"Number 448?"

The summer of my freshman year of college, I worked at Kopps Frozen Custard and one of my duties was to call people's numbers out to pick up their orders. Kopps is famous in the Milwaukee area for it's burgers and custard. Culvers is good, but Kopps is number one in my book.

This particular Kopps (Port Washington Road) has a televsion connection to it. This Kopps is said to be the inspiration for "Arnold's" on "Happy Days" (a fun fact for those of you watching the show's reunion tonight) as one of the shows creators grew up there. No, I don't know if there was a Fonz. But one hint is the colors of Jefferson High School are the same as that of Nicolet High which is just a couple miles away.

The guy who runs the place is awesome. I'm sure between Karl's small chain of stands and a couple other restaurants he's done more than well for himself. But what separates him from lots of bosses that employ teens is that if you weren't doing something right, he wouldn't just bark or complain... he'd take the time to show you how to do it right... whether it was scooping custard or sweeping up after close.

Tonight, while waiting for my order I was hypnotized... the hum and grinding noises of the machines churning out the sinful dessert... the sizzle from the grill... black cloth hats for girls, white paper hats for guys... all with black bow ties... the kids behind the counter double checking the bags to make sure the orders were right... before calling the numbers... nothing has changed.

Every kid should work in fast food for at least a summer.

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~Chip~ said...

What's cool is, I do the same thing now. Same custard stand.