Saturday, February 26, 2005

Now That's Timing

Jenny Li just shared that Jeff Muniz will be leaving the show early tonight because his wife just went into labor. Good luck to Jeff and Bliss! Your real adventure is about to begin!

Update: Had to make dinner for the kids. Basically that means throwing pizzas in the oven.

Seeing the interaction between Jeff and Jenny, and Jenny and Marc's subsequent reactions after he left... brought me back. When Shannon was pregnant with our first, we only told immediate family until Father's Day 2000. That day, she and then photographer Steve Gehlbach shot a Father's Day story. In an interview with her dad, he revealed some thoughts about being exited to be a grandpa. So Steve knew.

Shannon used that soundbite to end her package at 6... and as it ran, the director dissolved out to me and a stunned Gina Morss on the verge of joyful tears. It was a fun way for us to make an announcement to our "extended family" who were also able to follow along with "Pregnant For A Day" that Josh Simon and I did and eventually the birth itself in January of 2001. Fittingly, it was Steve and Josh who came to the hospital to get video.


Anonymous said...

Way to make yourself the center of the story

Edgar said...

Way to be an anonymous poster!