Saturday, February 05, 2005

Now Here is Something I'd Like To See Here

This is a blog from Rusty Surette. He's the morning anchor at KBTV in Beaumont, Texas... the same station, coincidentally, where Aimee Fuller got a job after WHOI. I know Bill Dennis helped Mike Dimmick set up the WEEK link, but that hasn't had any activity in quite some time. I would like to see one our local newspeople maintain a blog.

Maybe a reporter. Think about this, those of you who report on a regular basis: how often is there good stuff you had to leave out of a story due to time constraints? You could put that in your blog. How often did something interesting or funny happen in the course of newsgathering that only you and your photographer know about? For example, I think at least one of my photog friends used to shoot people who would fall asleep at council meetings. Maybe a photog blog would be better.

Yes, there would have to be some ground rules as Mac mentioned on the WEEK blog... it's not like someone is going to comment on their co-workers or share the off color humor and goings on that happens in every, I repeat, EVERY newsroom. But you could still have some fun with it.

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Jeff Nau said...

I've seen this alot from the cable news channels. They offer perspective from thier shows and what not. Having a blog from someone at our tv stations would be an excellent idea. I would have to imagine that station management is leary about this... I mean a blog in the wrong hands could be a detrimental tool.

I think if they open the blog without comments that can be added automatically would be the best way of going about it. As we know, if you don't watch the comments that flow in... you could really be starting something.

I second the idea of having station crews start up blogs.