Sunday, February 20, 2005

NBA All Star Weekend

I'm a huge sports fan, but the only all-star festivities I make an actual effort to watch is the NBA (and actually I don't actually pay much attention to the "League" until this weekend.) The slam dunk contest was finally good for the first time in years. Still, I'd still like to see the marquee dunkers take part. Come on guys, you won't lose credibility if you lose the contest to someone who never dunks in games (although, I think that's the only way this year's winner scores cause he has yet to develop a jumper, but he's just out of high school)!

Yes, I know they don't play much defense in this game, but still some of the stuff they can do is pretty amazing. Thrilled to see Dwyane Wade from my alma mater make it to this stage in just his second year. I look forward to Shaun Livingston playing in the rookie/sophomore game next year and hopefully in the big game one day.

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