Friday, February 04, 2005

Looking Back - The 1996 Pratties

Going through some folders tonight and found a bunch of old TV stuff including:
  • a thank you letter from a kid I followed through his first day at kindergarten
  • my autographed photo from former WHOI reporter (and new mom) Christine Roher
  • WMBD check stubs for $550 (two weeks take home pay)
I also found a newspaper clipping from March of 96, when then Journal Star TV critic Terry Towery handed out the Peoria Radio and Television Awards (Prattie) as voted on by viewers. Thought this might be of interest to some of you.

Best overall television newscast - WHOI by six votes over WEEK (400+ people voted)
Best television news anchor M-F - Frank Vascellaro
Best television weather forecaster M-F - Lee Ranson
Worst area newscast - (tie) WHOI and WMBD
Best reporter (non-anchor) - (tie) Adam Nielsen (WEEK) and Tim Seymour (WHOI)
Best hair - Kristyn Hartman
Worst hair - Kelly Morgan
Best weekend newscast - WEEK
Best weekend news anchor - Fraser Engerman
Best weekend weather forecaster - Jim Barnett
Best sportscaster - Jim Mattson


Anonymous said...

WHOI was best AND worst?

Mike B.

Edgar said...

Yeah, that's what it said.

Anonymous said...

It's easily possible to be voted both Best and Worst. For all the people who voted WEEK and WMBD Best, they may all have voted WHOI worst, which I'm sure would be enough votes to put them near the top of that category. I've seen it happen in other types of voting awards/surveys, too.

Anonymous said...

it was pretty awesome.