Monday, February 28, 2005

Liza Is Staying

Liza Danver checks in with Jeff's blog to let people know she's not leaving. Rumors can be kind of annoying. I think Amy went through something similar once after her tape cycled through and showed up on Today's Talent on Medialine.

This is the nature of television. Everyone is in each others'... stuff. All sorts of rumors flew when I auditioned at WHOI. The truth was my former agent worked with Rebecca to hash out a new deal. Rebecca and I are good friends and I thought it would have been a blast to co-anchor with her. I wasn't sure if going back to TV was for me, but I knew Amanda as she had played on my soccer team. She was good enough to let me give it a shot before they eventually hired Paul. But people will talk and that's to be expected. Comes with the territory.

So Liza is staying, but (just my two cents) from what I've seen, she's probably got a strong enough tape to make a good jump as a reporter. I think she'd be a good addition to the weekend team.

Not that I think this is going to happen, but (I'm pretty sure) WMBD's last two main female anchors (Shelli and Amy) went to Ohio University... where Liza went to school. Coincidence? Hmmmm.

(For those of you lacking a sense of humor, that last part was supposed to be a joke about how rumors get started. I think Liza will eventually move on to another market.)

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