Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Help Wanted

Got a nice e-mail from someone at WHOI today, so here's a quick, but unsolicited plug.

Weekend News Producer
HOI 19 News has an immediate opening for a part-time weekend producer. Candidates should be highly motivated with a passion to produce. You must be organized and have a nose for news. The ideal person is a multi-tasker who knows how to visually tell a story through great writing and editing, and who can get breaking news on the air quickly and effectively. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to get his or her foot in the door.

If you're at Bradley, ISU, ICC or any other school locally or maybe you're in another area of news looking for a change, this is a great opportunity. Ask yourself, where do you want to go from here?

Want to be on camera? Foot is in the door. But if you want to pretty much choose where you live a year or two from now, this is your ticket. Producers are in high demand everywhere... and I mean everywhere. Between the growth of cable news and the expansion of news to more than just the former "big 3" in markets across the country, the need for producers has continued to explode.

Get some experience, learn how to write in that freakish imperfect television tense and you are gold. I'd bet, if you're good, you'll move to a 30's or 40's market, and if you're really good on to Chicago or wherever. One of my "smart" friends from college got there in just under two years, no joke.

For every 75 reporter tapes, I'm willing to bet news directors here get just a handful of people applying for producer jobs. Notoriety is a big draw, but "location, location, location" can be bigger.

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