Saturday, February 05, 2005

Flipping Tonight

Flipping back and forth between channels tonight.

I like Laura Michels' weekend show. The writing is solid, she reads well and she handles the prompter stalling to the point where only people who work in TV would realize something went bad for a sec. I really liked that when she mispronounced "Kilauea", she corrected herself very graciously at the end of the story.

I hope Jay Verner gets a co-anchor (yes, I know Laura doesn't have one, but she hasn't had one at WHOI). Not that he doesn't do well on his own. In fact, Jay is someone who I would point to as an example of how/why having a radio background is of great value in enhancing one's TV presentation ability. I think people with radio experience have an even stronger foundation in terms of delivery.

That said, when you've had a co-anchor, it's kind of a pain when you have to shoulder the load by yourself. Plus, you lose opportunities for interaction that is valuable for resume tapes. I know from experience... plus the job is more fun with a co-anchor.

Finally, I don't miss working weekends or nights... but I do miss working with Strauss. Marc demands excellence of everyone (despite the nature of the market being a training ground) and I always respected that. He also taught me much about fantasy football and sent me over to his mortage guy about 2 years ago. I got such a good rate that when I looked into going to a ten-year this week, I couldn't do any better than I've already got. Thanks, man!

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