Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Eye For Talent

The hiring process is an inexact science and hit or miss to say the least. Some of the people you're watching have lots of potential and will most likely move on to better paying jobs after spending about two years here. Others may never get another on-air job again, but might be able to continue in the business off air and in many cases have a better choice in where they move to.

I consider myself a pretty good judge of talent. I graduated from Marquette ahead of two really good reporters. Twice, when I was at stations with openings (when they were both getting out of school), I called them up (not for the same opening), had them send a tape and made it a point to personally talk this person up to the boss.

Once, the powers that be liked Jason, but ended up going with someone else who didn't last very long. A second time, the person in charge let the tape sit for more than a month, before finally taking a look at Ben's tape, but by that point, it was too late. Both of them ended up starting in larger markets (Green Bay and Quad Cities) and coincidentally, both ended up at the same station in Minneapolis.

So I'll ask readers what someone asked me over lunch today: what reporters do you like in this market and why? I'll share my thoughts at a later date.


Jeff Nau said...

WOW! That's kind of a hard question. So many stand out to me for different reasons. I'll tell you who and why briefly. Of course I had to pick one from each station:

#1 Laura Michels as a reporter is excellent. I just saw a report where she talked about companies wanting to snuff out employees who smoke. The report was interesting, and detailed. She can tell you emotion in her voice... that's great from a viewers stand point.

#2 Jay Verner, who seems to always report in the twin cities, always has something interesting from that area. Sometimes it seems a reporter is out of touch with the community... you don't get that feeling from Jay.

#3 Melissa Dunton from 25 always seems to get the big stories from the area. I think that's because "the powers that be" seem to think she's excellent. There right. As a viewer, I can follow the story with her while she reports, if that makes any sense. Some reporters tend to lose my interest by focusing on something else. She keeps the story focused.

There are many reporters in the area that are great. These are just a few.

Anonymous said...

glad MD is doing well. she started as an intern while I was at 25 and started reporting about the time I left. having not seen much news from the 117 for a while, I'll just say I liked Will at 31(maybe because everyone thought we were the same person) and Jay did very well, after a little adjusting from radio. at 25, I'm partial to Gina. I still remember shooting with her and turning some pretty good stories. some reporters just get it, and she does. I hope they let her off the desk now and then.