Monday, February 28, 2005

"Don't Be Like That"

The rumor post reminded me of a funny story...

I don't know if the person I'm telling the story about reads this blog, if she even remembers this or would take offense, so I'll leave her name out. If she doesn't care and posts a comment to that effect, I'll share her name.

I'm pretty sure it was Jerry Warfield's going away party. The big group of people started at one bar, then decided to head off to Sully's. Shannon couldn't get out that night, by the way. So "this female TV person" and I are the first to arrive at Sully's and we're chit chatting over a beer when someone recognizes me... looks at her... recognizes that she's not Shannon... then says to me something to the effect of "oh come on now... don't be like that."


Anonymous said...

I wonder what people thought of me when I'd share a drink after a show with Jenny Li, or Kathy Topp, (or Scott Unes)?

my wife was often on the road working, and having a good time(usually with alcohol) with your co-workers is just standard procedure in small market TV. you're all young, possibly away from home, playing the same game. some of the best friends I've ever had come from my time in market 117(although I'm very bad at keeping in touch)

it's just not the same in bigger markets.

Edgar said...

People thought you were hooking up with Unes :)

Anonymous said...

Gehly, you couldn't have me if you tried!