Thursday, February 03, 2005

Do Sweeps Stories Make A Difference?

Last year, a friend of mine in Kansas City did a series where he set up shop at a house and set up meetings with internet predators who thought they were going to meet teenagers. When they arrived there, all they got was Steve and his camera crews, lights on etc.

Does it work in terms of attracting viewers? I think his station's ratings "spiked" a bit during his series, but overall for the month if I remember correctly, they were unable to over take the number one station. Also, KC is a metered market... Peoria/Bloomington still relies on diaries.

The story was done before in other markets, but from what I understand, Steve took it to another level. On a personal note: as a father and a coach, I applaud his efforts. Yeah, I realize there is debate about doing these kinds of stories and dangers in how they're done, but there are few things that anger me more than people who abuse children.

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