Friday, February 11, 2005

The Apprentice

Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, I watch "The Apprentice." Guilty pleasure.

For fans of the show: I just want to know how Trump can say one week that someone who is exempt can't be fired because those are the rules... it's all about rules. But the week before, he fired someone without doing the whole three to the boardroom... and this week he had six in the board room. So is it about rules or whims?

Also, both those commercials were beyond brutal. I get that the marathon one was just poorly executed, but how could a bunch of educated people think that the other one was even remotely acceptable? This isn't a comment on lifestyle choice, just watch TV for a second and recognize there is what companies consider "out of the box" (I freakin hate that phrase) and there's crossing the line. As my friend Brett likes to say, look behind you, there it is (the line).

By the way, anyone interested in being Martha Stewart's apprentice can apply online.

I actually have three suggestions from MARKET 117... based on what the show looks for... personality, looks, accomplishments.

1. Amanda Wozniak - WHOI News Director
2. Aaron Schock - Newly Elected 92nd District State Rep
3. Matt Jones - Peoria Attorney (married to WEEK forecaster Sandy Gallant although I don't know if by rule this would disqualify him)


Anonymous said...

You're blog is becoming dangerously addictive. It seems you and I share a guilty pleasure for "The Apprentice." Edgar, it's Trump's show! He's the man! The big cheese! The Donald! The boss! So, he plays by his rules. What I'm waiting for is the reality show based solely around Carolyn! (I love her reactions in the board room.)

Anyways, your suggestions for possible candidates from Market 117 are insightful and amusing. (Especially since your last suggestion happens to be my husband. :-) LOL) I agree Matt would be great for the show.... however he would probably argue that his list of accomplishments in central Illinois is not quite complete for Trump or Martha. The suggestion that he be a candidate for something high profile is interesting, isn't it? Hmmm.... I guess we'll all have to stay tuned!

By the way... CONGRATS to you and Shannon on little Aiden. I've said it once and I'll say it again: "You guys make great babies!"

Edgar said...

Thanks for checking in, Sandy. I've noticed several lawyers on the show and think Matt would come across well on camera.

Thanks too for the congrats... we'll bring him by at some point, I'm sure.