Monday, February 07, 2005

6 Degrees of my old station or Kevin Bacon

Last week I posted this:

This site isn't new, but if you're a movie buff like me and have never seen it, it's kind of fun.

Updated post: It's not just movies or Kevin Bacon. The longer you work in television, the more you'll realize how small the world really is and the right attitude will go along way.

See if you can folllow along with this:

I went to school for broadcast and electronic communications at Marquette. One of the guys making sure all ran smoothly for us was Jim Polus who is married to Laura Trendle-Polus whom I worked with at WISN... Jim and Laura who happen to be friends with Kurt Pegler from their time at Illinois State… Kurt who I became friends with when we worked at WMBD, where Laura actually worked before she went to WISN.

In Milwaukee, Laura and I worked for Fred D’Ambrosi at a station (WISN) owned by what is now Hearst-Argyle. I moved on to Peoria (WMBD) while he ended up at station in San Diego (KFMB) both of which happened to be owned by Midwest Television. Fred ended up hiring Aimee Nuzzo just before I moved to Monterey to work at a station (KSBW) that was bought soon after by... Hearst Argyle.

While in Monterey I would, on occasion, go out with people from KION (the CBS affiliate) but one of the few people I never met was Chris Manson, who ended up here in Peoria and is the news director at my old station (WMBD)... which is why I got “scissors up” before anyone else.

My late news producer at WMBD, Tracy O’Brien, went to high school with my late news producer at KSBW Jen Lee… not to be confused with Jenny Li from WEEK who like Jen, went to the University of Missouri at about the same time. Jen and her husband Randy Reeves left Monterey for Grand Rapids (WOOD) where they worked with Christine Roher. Now they're professors helping run KOMU at Missouri where Lesley, a girl I coached at Pekin High, is a sophomore in the journalism program.

It's a small... small... world.

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Dark Charmer said...

Yes Edgar it is quite a small world. In fact, my just being Dr. Don Rager's grandkid (Well, one of 'em) kinda gives me a reputation to maintain aside from my own and trust me its a trip!!
Of course, I do not exploit my Grandfather's connections, I tend to actually befriend them (Go Figure!!)
I hate to say this but I am actually jealous, (A little) that you can claim Kurt Pegler as a pal.
All I get to do is ask people in Peoria if they've heard of Dr. Don Rager and then proceed to tell them my link, and ironically its been known to bring Dr. Don (as he prefers to be called BTW) pride (Figure that out!!)
Just enjoy the pals you make when you make connections, you never know when they'll be gone.