Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why Do You Watch What You Watch?

I've actually learned a lot about this since leaving television news, but I'd like to pose the question to readers who don't work at any of the stations.

A recent post addresses current local news ratings, so my question is:

Why do you watch what you watch?


Why don't you watch either of the other stations?
What could one of the stations you don't watch do to gain you as a viewer?
What could the station you do watch do to send you to another station?

I know we have a lot more people reading than commenting, but I think those who work at the stations could benefit from your thoughts.


Jeff Nau said...

Of course being a blogger myself I watch all three stations... however I have always been a HOI 19 fan. Perhaps for the same reason I'm a Cubs fan... rooting for the underdog. But seriously, the reason being is all the stations can say they were first at many things... but HOI 19 has done some things that all the stations have picked up on. Example: The 7 day planner, none of the other stations had such a version til' 19. Of course they are now the only station not to offer it. The severe weather county map at the bottom of the screen was also a first, I believe, for WHOI. I think HOI has been more inavated over the years. WEEK-25 continues to give you the same... which perhaps is the reason there #1.

I suppose being in last place though, makes you be more creative. I like that though.

Of course I watch the other tv stations too, however they never stood on the same pedestal that 19 has for me.

I don't think viewers are looking for more news, I think it's in-depth news, and features. Look at 25's You Gotta Eat, and Mike and Mac's pick. Those are weekly and nightly features you remember. If I only had one complaint, it would be that features should be a mandatory for all the stations. It adds personality to your anchors/reporters, and gets you talking... especially in those small towns where Eric Shangraw gets his meal for example. 19 has sorta picked up on this with there "Every Kid Counts" campaign where they surprise a teacher in the classroom with a check.

All in all, these stations are working hard. Do I think it's foreseeable that WEEK-TV gets knocked off its #1 peg. I do... but judging by these latest ratings, not anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I watch local news for exaclty that...local news....which is why I don't watch 25. Both 31 and 19 do a much better job of covering the market. When I turn on the 10:00 news, Idon't expect to see a national story lead which is what you get on 25.

19 and 31 do much better stories. 25 seems to do tired stories where not much thought is put into it. For example, the week after the tsunami, they did the same story every night for a week....just with a different person. They take obvious stories and don't come up with a new twist on it. ie...4-year old shot in the face by his little brother...let's do a story on how guns are bad and they need to be locked up....well, duh! Stories like that are meant to "change the world" and really don't have a news value becuase your not going to change the mind of the person who is doing those bad things....the only people who are listening are the people who already agree with you.

I don't care so much about personalities as the previous poster. I do like the "You Gotta Eat" segment although it's basically a free commercials since there's never a negative review. Stuff like that and the "One Class At A Time" really have no news value...although "One Class..." shows a community involvement fr om Channel 19

Like the previous poster, I mainly watch 19...if they're not on for some reason, I watch 31. I almost never watch 25 unless I'm "comparing coverage" of a certain event. I just want local, local, local. I've got CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC national stories.

Anonymous said...

I watch for credibility and integrity. If the anchors look like they just graduated from college then I am less apt to rely on their information. Their life experience is what shapes their decisions about what stories to run with, what questions to ask and which angles to take.

Which station comes accross as more worldly? That's the one I watch.

Anonymous said...

I like personalitys. I like the not worldy and down to earth LOCAL news reported by 18-99 year-olds.