Sunday, January 23, 2005

What Are People Looking For?

I've let just a few people know about my blog, although an e-mail to people who've moved on is on my list of things to do. People have found MARKET 117 through The Peoria Pundit, Peoria Television Stations and the Champaign IL, Media Blog... but others have found it via search engines.

I was curious to see what are people looking for that's leading them here? The five most popular in order were:

  1. some variation of my name
  2. Aimee Nuzzo/Rebecca Somach (tie)
  3. Peyton Manning chanting "Cut that meat!"
  4. Jonathan Ahl
  5. Jessica D'Onofrio


Jonathan Ahl said...

For the record, Jessica D'Onofrio is MUCH more interesting and web search worthy than I am.

But I am a little disappointed about losing out to Mr. Manning's chant in that silly commercial. Plus, I think him grilling out and chanting "Let's go insurance adjusters, let's go!" is the better line.

Edgar said...

Don't sell yourself short, Jon. By the way, she passed you today :)