Thursday, January 20, 2005

Updated Where Are They Now - WMBD

Thanks to some posters and a sudden surge of memory to my brain, this list has been updated.


Anonymous said...

Edgar-- Matt Kummer here.

Funny thing-- both Melanie and Chris Casquejo told me about your blog today.

Very interesting to see where people have turned up. Cool to see my name in there, but a quick correction for you-- I'm the EP at WLUK-TV, not WFRV.

Congrats on your 3rd child! E-mail me at


Edgar said...

Thanks for dropping by, Matt. You can blame Melanie for the mixup. Hope all is well and congrats on your engagement!

Chris C. said...

By the way, I am teaching journalism in suburban Detroit and freelance reporting in Ohio. But family circumstances have changed things, so expect a new career update soon. My e-mail is
Send me a message so that I have your e-mail.