Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Peoria TV News Project - 1/26

Bear with me folks... I had wanted to do this in depth, but more important "daddy" duties called. I'll get to the details tomorrow. Tonight, I'll go through "A block" rundowns and hit the highlights. Let me start by stating that all three stations did a great job of covering two major news events in Market 117.

UPDATE: The way I want to do this is going to take a little more time and I've got soccer/big TV night tomorrow. I'll get to this as soon as I can and explain the terms for our non-TV readers.

Editor's note: this blog is about the coverage itself. Situations like the ones covered today are horrible and I'm sure if it were my child in that school, I would have been just as emotional as many of the people you saw on television today.

OPEN SOT - Paul - excellent, parent on cell phone, kid describing gun, parent confronting administrator
LIVE VOSOT (2 bites) - Josh - arrest
VOSOT - Jen - excellent, talked to Bright's attorney before arrest
VOSOT - Jen - Erving inquest SOT from coroner
NEWSROOM PKG - Brock - student reaction to Woodruff shooting
VOSOT (2 bites) - Paul - good, parents and cell phones,
READER - Paul - recaps 15 year old in custody, also a special ed student?
GRAPHICS - Paul - good, add perspective with school shooting statistics
VO - Jen - Abuse victims get money from Kroger

I thought the HOI show open was excellent. It had all the elements of the shooting and it really pulled you in. I really liked that they had sound from Bright's attorney. I think HOI was the only station to talk about how communication was cut off between parents and students. Graphics towards the end of the block also offered good perspective on the situation. Maybe could have saved the Kroger story for later.

MONITOR VOSOT - Jeff - good, arrest, solid delivery, reaction from Neal's mother without SOT
VOSOT - Mac - Erving inquest, technical problems, no SOT (it seemed like there should have been one
WALL VOSOT (2 bites) - Denise - police at home, SOT from neighbors
NEWSROOM PKG - Susanna - intro/tag needed work - PKG itself was excellent - great bites from parents and students
At this point, Mac teases Gina at meeting... was live shot supposed to go here?
PKG - Jenny - excellent sidebar story on metal detectors and district policy, SOT from board member in 2002
LIVE - Gina at school board meeting - technical problems, no audio, went back to her at start of "B" block... only station live at the meeting, good stuff from Gina

Technical problems derailed this "A block." WEEK had the most reporter presence with five during the 6:00. The two packages were excellent. The natural sound made Susanna's piece the most compelling... had all the emotion while it was happening. Jenny's side bar was the perfect complement. Parents were more calm, talking about metal detectors and school board member saying metal detectors send wrong message was from 2002... whoever found that... great digging, great historical perspective!

LIVE VOSOT - Liza - excellent, very strong delivery
VO - Bob - Erving inquest
VO (setup) - Amy - good, nuts and bolts of shooting
LIVE PKG - Stephanie - intro/tag redundant, PKG itself very good, wrote to video several times
VOSOT - Amy - district 150 policy, sot from District 150 police
VO - Bob - Phillip Johnson death
VO - Bob - truck accident
VO - Amy - Abuse victims get money from Kroger
VO - Amy - East Peoria special ed story

Solid show from WMBD. I thought Liza was excellent live, especially since it's so freaking cold out. She didn't look at notes once on camera and teased what's coming up at 10. I like when producers use VO setups to get nuts and bolts out of the way. Good producing. Stephanie's package was also very good. Her script matched up to her video of cell phones, emotions running high, lockdown. Transition was tough to lower half of block.


Anonymous said...

thanks to ben dwyer (photog) at WMBD in part for Stephanie's story. She had never done a live shot or hard news pkg before.

Edgar said...

Ben has a great eye. Two of them actually.

News_Chica said...

Hey Edgar...look, I'm posting! Anyway, thanks for the updates. Outta town here and it's good being filled in from all angles! -News_Chica