Friday, January 21, 2005

Pass It On

If you have something to share, whether it's talent or experience or perspective... pass it on. My early influences were:

Dave Bakken
Mike DiOrio
Pat Doland
Cary Edwards
Mike Heider
John Kenney
John “Ivan” Lazarevic
Eric McGee
Roy Michel
Jeff Thomas
Bob Vermiglio

They are/were news photographers at WISN in Milwaukee. They are all solid pros, tell wonderful stories with pictures, but most importantly they all took the time to teach me. They took me out, taught me how to edit, how to shoot, how to handle myself in the field. To be honest, I didn’t have a great eye for shooting. But I asked lots of questions, listened, learned and did the best I could.

Ryan Goble came to WMBD as an intern not too long after I got there. He had shot some snow boarding videos in Colorado where he was from, but had no news experience. We became fast friends and I passed along what I had learned from the guys back home. Ryan had natural ability, but I did what I could to encourage him to: look for sequences, shoot with your ear, physically move as much as possible, don’t zoom or pan unless necessary, tight shots tell stories. He took some very basic thoughts and ran with them. If I brought back stuff from my former co-workers in Milwaukee or NPPA tapes, he absorbed them like a sponge.

Today, he is an amazing shooter. I take much pride in this, but absolutely no credit. The point of this rambling is this: whether you know it or not, you touch people’s lives doing whatever it is that you do. The guys at WISN probably just figured they were training some kid who was going to cover weekend shifts and move on. Little did they know their influence helped shape a terrific photographer in Memphis.

By the way, Ryan married former WMBD reporter/anchor Darcy Thomas in 2003. They left Peoria a couple years before that for WHBQ in Memphis, although Ryan has since moved on to a production company and shoots NBA games when they come to town.

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