Sunday, January 09, 2005

Moving On And More Help Wanted

From Steve Tarter's column in the PJ Star.

Melvin moving
Brad Melvin, an announcer at WCBU-FM 89.9 for the past five years, is headed off to graduate school at the University of Kansas.
"I think the most rewarding aspect of my time at WCBU has been being an active part of my alma mater (Bradley University) each day, and, hopefully, being a voice listeners don't dread waking up to when the alarm goes off in the morning," he said.
Melvin was also the PA voice for the Bradley women's basketball and volleyball teams.

Happy trails, Brad. Now when you come home, you've got a built in reason to say "I'm not in Kansas anymore."

If you're looking for a radio job, this is a great opportunity. Jonathan Ahl, the news director at WCBU, is a sharp guy, a great story teller and extremely fair. I'd work for him in a heartbeat.


Jonathan Ahl said...

Praise and criticism seem to have a nearly empty meaning when you work in broadcasting. I have been accused of being both a liberal and a conservative. I have been praised for a quick re-write of a three day old story, and condemmed for the work of a different reporter at a different station.

All that said, for a decent, honest, and quality human being like Edgar to say the things he says about me cuts through the clutter and makes working in this business a little bit better.

Thanks Edgar.

And on another note, all my thanks and good wishes to Brad Melvin as he leaves Peoria and WCBU to take on new challenges. Thanks for getting up so early in the morning for all those years.

Edgar said...

You know me, Jonathan. I'll say what I mean or I won't say anything. See you Thursday.