Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Medialiners Love "24"

I used to "hang out" at Medialine when I lived in Monterey, which was quite the coincidence because as it turns out, their offices were right down the street and one of the owners was also an anchor at my station. Medialine is primarily a job subscription service, started by some journalism folks from the University of Missouri. Open Line is their website's message board where tv folks and others post about the industry, what's going on in the world and pretty much anything else.

Steve Gehlbach, who eventually replaced me at WEEK, probably got to know me from my posts as much as he did when we worked together. The message board has become more political and a bit meaner since when I used to post, but it's still a good read on occasion.

This is a thread about my new favorite show, "24."

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isuquinndog said...

It's a great show. If you haven't seen them, go watch the first 3 seasons. Also terrific, though season 3 was a bit of a let down.