Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'm Tired Of These Guys

I'm tired of Lee Ranson and Mac doing the travel commercials. I want to see Bev! I want her to say "join me and my husband Lee..."

Or how about Mary getting some face time. Enough of these guys.

(For those who don't get my sense of humor, this was meant to be funny... Bev and Mary are sweet women, but most viewers only know them by name from the travel commercials.)

PS: I would be more than happy to host a family trip to Disney with "my wife Shannon." Hey, my blog... my shameless plug.


Anonymous said...

HA! I love your comments!!! And so true about Lee and Mac. Their wives have got to be two of the most patient spouses on the planet. I'm mean, c'mon. It's got to get old sometime vacationing with 20 of your closest viewers... then again if the trip is free for them... I guess "membership has it priviledges." :-) Your website is a fun read. Please keep up your daily posts!

Edgar said...

Thanks for reading, but really I was just kidding with Mac and Lee (if they're reading). I have no idea what the trips are like or how involved hosting is. But I'm pretty sure if they didn't enjoy it, they wouldn't do it.