Thursday, January 27, 2005

"I'm Not Here.. To Make Friends"

People from "back in the day" at WMBD might remember that quote. A couple new reporters were hired about six months after I was. Having struggled being the "new guy" I offered to take them to lunch. Over lunch I told them about the area, how we had such good photographers, that there were lots of people our age and that I've made some great friends (many I'm still fairly close with today). One of the reporters proceeds to tell me "I'm not here... to make friends."


I'm not saying you have to like everyone you work with, but to me the friendships were the best part of my time at 31 and I think many who work in TV have had a similar experience. Think about it. You're in your early to mid 20's. You don't make a lot of money, but don't have a lot of responsibility. You're away from home, but out of college. It's a great time and you're all in the same boat. My point is if you're here for just a year or two... enjoy the experience and embrace the people (you don't actually have to hug them).

When people move on, you've got friends all over the country... to hang with, crash with or to keep you posted of openings. There are consultants who will tell you "news is about people." For me, it was... it was about the people I worked with and competed with.

And now... writing this... I feel like Doogie Houser.

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Anonymous said...

That is so true! At my wedding, I had friends from across the U.S. thanks to the "news biz". I've been to other weddings where everyone is pretty much from the same area because they never branched out. Whether it be Casper, Wyoming, Butte, Montana or Peoria... we're all in the same boat. Make the best of it and you won't be so miserable.