Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Illinois vs. Wisconsin

This game is awesome, baby. Sorry. Couldn't resist. It is pretty amazing. It's like watching one of the fight sequences from Rocky where all hey do is punch and punch and punch.

Even though I'm from Wisconsin, I'm not torn. I started following Illinois closely after occasionally covering the Manual kids who went on to Champaign. Plus, my wife's an alum.

This year's team is so unselfish. Hope they take notice that its on the defensive end that they can set themselves apart. Their early season dominance had a lot to do with the defense they were playing.

Vitale actually grates on me. I understand he's a fan of college hoops, but it's like the boy who cried wolf. Everything is the greatest thing ever. This Erin Andrews is solid (by the way, check out how happy the guy in the linked picture is). Not a huge fan of her voice, but she's got a great look, she's very confident and very credible. I'm jealous... she's got the best seat in the house tonight.


Edgar said...

Great win for the Illini. Hopefully there's no let down vs. Minnesota.

"Snarky Bastard" said...

Lousy cheeseheads BITE! WooHoo! Illini rock!

Edgar said...

Hey, being a cheesehead doesn't mean I can't be an Illini fan.

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews came to ESPN from TBS, where she did highlight breaks during event coverage.