Saturday, January 08, 2005

Help Wanted

From the WHOI website:

Sports Photographer/Reporter HOI 19 Sports has an immediate opening for a Sports Photographer/Reporter.

This is a rare opening. When I left WEEK in 2001, the sportscasters in the primary and weekend spots at all three stations hadn't changed in about a decade. The number three positions turnover every three years or so.

On air sports jobs are harder and harder to come by both locally and nationally. At the networks/major markets the demand is highest for women and former athletes. Add to that the fact that sportscasters will often stay "forever" once they get to a "major league city" and that doesn't leave many chances for folks in smaller markets. And if you find a good small market, like Peoria, there's even less movement.

It is a numbers game when you talk news versus sports. For example in terms of on air talent, WBBM in Chicago has more than twenty news anchors and reporters not including freelancers while they have a three person sports crew. Do the math across 200+ markets and by nature there are much fewer sports positions available.

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