Sunday, January 09, 2005

A FOX TV Night

Born and raised in Milwaukee, I'm a die hard Green Bay Packers fan. They were really bad today. On the bright side, I've found a new show to watch. "24." Talk about edge of your seat. I'm just sorry I missed previous seasons.


Cindy Whiteman said...

I know - 24 - do I watch this? Or do I watch the trainwreck called The Bachlorette? There is something about a bunch of guys making fools of themselves that I enjoy. The debate goes on in the Whiteman house - "to buy 24 on DVD or not to buy 24 on DVD, that is the question".

Edgar said...

I watched it again last night. Man, that show is intense. A friend of mine is going to loan me the DVD of the first season.

robwitham said...

Congratulations on finding "24", the only TV show where I schedule my life around it.

This season, I was very skeptical going in, as most of the cast was sent packing, but the first four hours have been among the best I've ever seen.

Trust me, you'll be glad you went along for this ride!

Go Jack!

Edgar said...

The gas station hold up was a genius plot twist.