Monday, January 03, 2005

Fantasy Football Season Comes To An End

My wife is thankful four weeks after Thanksgiving. That's because fantasy football season has finally come to an end. No longer does she have to put up with the out of place coffee table that has been hosting two extra TVs in front of the big one... so Josh Simon (number 3 in the 25 Sports department, number 1 in your hearts) and I could more easily track every game on Sunday. No longer does she have to put up with screaming about a game that I wouldn't have even watched a few years ago. Now, it's just me an my Packers.

Congratulations to WEEK weekend anchor Jeff Muniz. He won the 2004 WEEK Alumni Fantasy Football championship defeating my brother 118-112. I took fifth this year after finishing second last year, but my team clearly suffered after Priest Holmes went down.

Josh and I shared an entry in the WMBD league and took second overall in points scored and fourth in head to head, thanks to Peyton Manning.

"Cut that meat! Cut that meat!"

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