Monday, January 31, 2005

An Explanation

My apologies to people who wanted to post today...

I got wireless notification of a post to the blog at lunchtime and had someone temporarily take the comment section down. I have asked in my disclaimer that posters refrain from posting inappropriate comments and that they will be deleted at my discretion.

I'm going to chew on this as I bowl tonight... but for the purposes of this blog, I do need to draw the line between critique of something you see on air and accusations of behind the scenes behavior. This is not me taking sides with one side of the comment or the other, just taking necessary precautions.

Update: An anonymous poster left the following comments. It was in response to me pulling the plug on another anonymous comment regarding Jason Koma's departure from WHOI.

Your item on Jason Koma leaving HOI made it sound as though he was leaving on
his own. That is not the case. You owe it to your readers to put the item in a
proper and accurate perspective.
No, what I owe to my readers is to post what I know. Have people told me things. Absolutely. But not having been there, how am I any authority to put any of it into proper and accurate perspective. If Jason would like to post here, I would welcome him to do so.

The information posted about XXX's history of conflict with his co-workers
explains why Jason (and others before him) is moving on. It is unfair to
Jason not to include this history because it makes it appear as though Jason
decided to leave on his own when he did not. In the future, when you prepare to
post an item and you don't want any further context added to it, don't post it.
If you have a bone to pick with a co-worker or need a place to vent your frustration start your own blog. My disclaimer clearly states that this is not a place to air personal grievances with co-workers/competitors and inappropriate comments will be deleted at my discretion.


Anonymous said...
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Edgar said...

Tell you what... if people want to post that kind of information, they can attach their names to it.