Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Even More Help Wanted

WMBD is looking for a general assignment reporter. When I first started it payed $20,800 plus a clothing allowance (I think that was $500). I took away lots of good memories and my wife.

Don't know if someone is leaving... stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

not hiring new...replacing Will sort of...they've been down a reporter for a while. $20,00 is probably too much now.....most reporters are making less in this market

Edgar said...

So I've heard. But amazingly we could always afford to go out.

Edgar said...

Just for reference, Milwaukee, where I'm from, is market 32. From what I'm told, reporters there start at about $27,500 with a range of $30-40K for reporters coming in with a little more experience. Veterans might be looking at $55-60K.