Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Introducing The Airwaves

In 2000, I started the Airwaves. It's a co-ed soccer team, originally made up of central Illinois media members, but has expanded to a bunch of people I've met through work. We play in the Peoria Park District outdoor league and the Morton Park District indoor league.

Over the past four years, we've had players from WEEK, WMBD, WHOI, WTVP, WCBU, WMBD radio and the Journal Star. Current team members who might be familiar to readers include Gina Morss, Jeff Muniz, Jonathan Ahl and Brad Burke. In the past we've had Laura Skirde, Kathy Topp, Josh Simon, Steve Gehlbach and Josh Kelly all strap on the shin guards. It's a lot of fun. Jonathan likes to describe it as a chance each week to be a kid again.

I will regularly update this blog with posts about how our team is doing as we've improved quite a bit since many of our former players have left the team or the market.

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